Electrolytic Aluminum Smelter Equipment Quality

Electrolytic Aluminum Smelter Equipment Quality
A, Our company will strictly obey the requirements of the technical contract, build qualified products for customers, if the quality of our aluminum smelting equipment products can not meet the relevant standards and requirements, we are committed to perfect it.
B, The company's product quality assurance period is one year,if the quality problems cause the malfunction,we are responsible for maintenance. If the following problems caused by improper use of the customer, our company will try to deal with it, but it does not belong to the free warranty.
1. Failure caused by operational errors.
2. Failure caused by unexpected work environment.
3.Failure caused by don’t cooperate with us, or our authorization, unauthorized removal, replacement equipment parts .
4. Failure caused by force majeure.
C, Before the expiration of the product warranty, we will arrange for a comprehensive inspection and testing, and correct hidden dangers and problems freely.
D, After the expiration of product warranty, if the product have problems, our technical staff will rush to the scene for maintenance within 24-36 hours .

Joda Service
A, my company send specially-assigned person to guide the installation and commissioning work. we will also send people to participate in the acceptance work, and test equipment one by one, if the problem is caused by the device, we will be responsible for solving it as soon as possible.
B, all the operators are trained by professionals, they are required to complete the quantitative independent operation before working, until they can master the operation, using, and the daily maintenance of anode busbar frame equipment.
C, in the course of the use, if there are any operational and technical questions, please contact our company's technical staff, we will try to answer you, and the company can send people to assist you.
source: http://www.anodejackingframe.com/productnew/electrolytic-aluminum-anode-busbar-raising-frame.html



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