According to the survey, there are many smelters in order to reduce the power consumption, the introduction of new technology and equipment. For example, Henan smelter, Shandong smelter etc electrolyzer part in the production line using the new technology, the electricity cost is reduced by about half a year, the electricity section is expected to reach 500-600 million.
Electrolytic aluminum, which is obtained by electrolysis of aluminum, so the use of electricity, according to the survey, China's annual electricity consumption of electrolytic aluminum accounted for about 6% of the total national electricity consumption, equivalent to the amount of 2-3 Three Gorges power station. Properties of electrolytic aluminum high energy consumption will become the key to the cost, so the promotion of energy saving technology, is bound to the aluminum smelting enterprises and even the whole aluminum market form a huge positive.

Take Henan as an example of an electrolytic aluminum plant, the plant has a capacity of 420 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum, carbon anode production capacity of 50 thousand tons, the products produced by 280KA large prebaked cell. It mainly adopts a novel structure of electrolyzer, electrolytic cell to upgrade the original 300KA at the same time, cell voltage from 4.2V decreased, complete the electrolytic tank after the technical transformation can reduce the power consumption of 500 tons of aluminum degrees.
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